June 29, 2015

Tech-Sector Market Research

Capturing the Voice of the Tech Buyer

For Interview Participants

Petronio Insight is a market research company focused on tech-sector buyers, their product needs, and the many solutions that are available to meet those needs.  Our clients—companies and investors representing a broad spectrum of the technology sector—retain us to interview buyers and users of these solutions, with the goal of better understanding the customer experience and the state of the market. Petronio Insight interviewers are technology professionals who respect each interview subject’s time and privacy.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Note: This is the website for Petronio Insight study participants and respondents.  If you are a prospective customer who is interested in buying our research, or engaging us to perform commissioned research on your behalf, please visit our corporate website, Petronio.com.


John Petronio, President

Founder John PetronioFounder John Petronio is a tech executive with 30+ years of experience in software that includes marketing, training, market research, and software development. John has been an independent analyst for over three years, delivering market research services to a host of Magic Quadrant leaders across the global tech market, including CRM, BPM/Case Management, Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, and Web Technology.

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Prior to starting his firm John was employed for over a decade at Pegasystems, a leading enterprise BPM and CRM software company, where he managed the firm’s competitive strategy and intelligence function. He established the company’s win/loss program and is credited with developing key competitive strategies and tools that allowed Pega to win multimillion-dollar deals and grow at 23+% CAGR for over nine years.

John’s first independent venture, Petronio Technology Group, created custom curricula for high tech companies. When his firm was acquired by Art Technology Group (ATG), John managed training operations, developed curriculum, and introduced the company’s first certification and eLearning programs before ATG was acquired by Oracle.

Ted Salem, Senior Analyst

Ted Salem, Senior Analyst

Ted brings more than 20 years of experience in tech to his Analyst position at Petronio Insight. Working with leading tech companies, including Oracle and IBM, Ted has held positions in technical sales, training, sales engineering, software development, and competitive analysis. Ted graduated with a degree in computer science from Northeastern University.


Sandra Kealiher

Sandra Kealiher

Lisa Baitch

Lisa Baitch