June 29, 2015

Market Research

Common Interview Types

  • Win/Loss Interviews – As independent analysts, we are engaged by clients to help them learn why they win and lose opportunities.  These types of interviews are focused on the selection process, business needs, and opinions of the vendors. Some, but not all of our win/loss interviews are commissioned.
  • Researching Customer Needs and Available Solutions – What are the solutions companies are using, and what do they think about those solutions? How could they be improved?  How much value do they get from these solutions?  These types of interviews vary by market, and are focused on learning about the problems that customers face, as well as the solutions that they use.
  • Research for Mergers and Acquisitions – As part of the due diligence process, we interview customers of target companies to find out what customers really think of these solutions.
  • Reference Interviewing – We interview buyers and users of products and services to learn their opinions of these solutions.