April 23, 2018

Participant FAQ

In the interview invitation that you’ve been sent, we’ve indicated the purpose of the research and the study name. Below you will find more information about our approach.

Who Suggested You Contact Me?
We conduct two kinds of research—commissioned and non-commissioned. Commissioned means one of Petronio Research’s corporate clients has engaged us to interview buyers, such as yourself. We conduct non-commissioned research on our own behalf, to strengthen our understanding of the voice of the customer across a variety of sectors.

Will My Name and Company Be Anonymous?
Most of our interviews are anonymous, meaning that neither your name, nor your company’s name will, appear in any of the research.  We also redact anything we think identifies the respondent, such as specific and unusual department names, product or service names, and even names of specific towns. If we have been retained to conduct Attributed Research, where your name and company name would be identified, we will tell you so at first contact.

Will I know Which Company Hired You to Interview me?  (Blind vs. Non-Blind)
If we are performing commissioned research, it may be blind. That means that our client does not wish its name to be known for fear that it may bias the research.  Likewise, when we are asked to perform reference checks for financial institutions, as those institutions may insist that the research is confidential meaning that Petronio Research will not disclose their name.

How Do You Maintain Confidentiality for Respondents and Clients?
Our professional interviewers do not seek confidential information about your company.  And we won’t ask you to break any confidentiality agreements you may have with others. Most often we are seeking customer opinions and learning about customer needs.

Do You Record Interviews?
Only with your permission.
We often ask to record our telephone calls so that we have excellent notes and can review what was said. When preparing our reports we pull out anonymized quotations (in the case of unattributed or anonymous interviewing), and produce summaries of what was said.

How Will You Contact Me to Conduct the Interview?
Either through
your direct number or a conference line. We normally call you, but can set up a conference line if you wish to dial in, or have several participants.

Will I Receive Anything in Return for My Interview?
Sometimes we offer research results to the respondents as part of an award for participating. Each research project has its own terms, and you’ll find more information in the specific password-protected page that was emailed to you, if applicable.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 844 946-5677.